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Hair cutting technique La Finice® Swing Cut®
Hair cutting technique La Finice® Swing Cut® moves




Fine Haar

gets more volume.

Curly hair

becomes airier and the curls become fuller, more bundled and more controlled.

Thick hair

becomes tamed, softer and more bouncy.

The haircut

grows with the hair, does not lose its shape and lasts twice as long as other haircuts.

LA FINICE® SWING CUT® for lightness

An experience that will become indispensable

LA FINICE® SWING CUT® triggers a new attitude to life. It allows the pure essence of inner beauty to be brought outward with unprecedented ease.

Cutting hair with La Finice Swing Cut
La Finice® Swing Cut®

Those who live LA FINICE® SWING CUT® experience lightness and beauty in a way that can hardly be put into words. Lively, sensual and passionate.

LA FINICE® COLORBALANCE sets colorful accents.

LA FINICE® COLORBALANCE creates expressive shadow effects that underline the elegant unity of the face, head shape and hairstyle. The hairstylist's perception of the customer's natural hair, eye and skin color plays a central role. The special combination of hair color use and a special choice of product and technique creates incomparably BEAUTIFUL COLOR IMAGES with a LONG-LASTING LOOK of up to 7 weeks.

LA FINICE® COLORBALANCE supports the smoothness of hair movement.


  • Do you want your hair to have MORE MOVEMENT AND BOUNCE without losing its desired yet natural direction?

  • Do you want fine hair to have MORE VOLUME ?

  • Do you want curly hair to be airier, curls to be FULLER , more full and more CONTROLLED ?

  • Do you want thick hair to be more tamed, SOFTER and bouncier?

  • Should HAIR TRENDS be adopted and reinterpreted?


  • Do you want to start your morning energetically and EASILY ?

  • Do you want your hair to give you a joyful and stunning RADIATION ?

  • Do you want to feel ALIVE every day?

  • Should your hair reflect your SELF-CONFIDENCE ?


  • Do you want your HAIRCUT to NOT GROW OUT , but rather grow with your hair?

  • Do you want long-lasting, EASY HAIRSTYLING in the morning?

  • Do you want your curls to retain their natural bounce in the LONG TERM ?





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