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La Finice Scwing Cut hair cutting technique

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Hair cutting technique La Finice® Swing Cut® sustainable


Lara De Donno Academy

Academy for Hairstylists

The INTER-PROFESSIONAL LA FINICE® TRAINING is aimed at qualified stylists & trainers.


Lara De Donno trains and accompanies the trainees personally. Lara De Donno's many years of experience as a stylist are incorporated into the training courses. She has built up two salons (1997 and 2017) within 25 years and is the innovative developer of LA FINICE® SWING CUT®

Fine Haar

gets more volume.

Curly Hair

becomes airier and the curls become fuller, more bundled and more controlled.

Thick hair

becomes tamed, softer and more bouncy.

The haircut

grows with the hair, does not lose its shape and lasts twice as long as other haircuts.

LA FINICE® is a way of life

The most sustainable and future-oriented service concept for hairstylists: LA FINICE® SWING CUT®


On the one hand, it deals with the technical craft of hair cutting techniques in “balance” and “definition”, and on the other hand with the social and empathetic skills of a hairstylist, which he or she brings to the LA FINICE® SWING CUT® experience.

La Finice Swing Cut

Those who live LA FINICE® SWING CUT® will have sustainable and long-term success because they offer their customers an individual and unique experience that they will never be able to do without.


The outstanding quality of LA FINICE® SWING CUT® stands out from the crowd and expands the professional expertise. Hair can be interpreted in a new way. LA FINICE® SWING CUT® is not a trendy haircut or any other trend, but a hair cutting technique and a philosophy that focuses on the salon customer. It is a further development of all previously known hair cutting techniques. It combines everything that a hairstylist and ultimately the customer want from a natural hair cut: airy, dynamic and easy-to-style hair that does not need to be styled as much as possible and looks beautiful for a long time.

The hair is cut as it is worn. Every hairstylist who cuts LA FINICE® SWING CUT® gains more enthusiastic customers and achieves a new awareness in the long term. A respectful and conscious handling of the hair as well as the entire body posture when cutting hair are important prerequisites for being able to absorb the soft and flowing movements of the hair and cut it accordingly. The balanced, flowing hand movement is based on the emotional perception of the hair and how it is handled. The defined hair cutting technique of LA FINICE® SWING CUT®, on the other hand, is a mechanical technique that allows any geometric haircut shape to flow in. The hair is therefore more bundled, the hair tips do not fall apart and the hair is generally not swollen or rolled up.


A haircut with LA FINICE® SWING CUT® sends a clear message. It is a new tool for the personal development of every hairstylist. LA FINICE® SWING CUT® provides a basis on which further development can be built, whether in a team or alone. Everyone can grow on this basis and a uniform foundation is developed within a team. New resources for communication are created, teamwork skills are strengthened. The starting point is the same, your own style is retained. The haircutting technique provides a foundation on which you can build sustainably and successfully. This inner, strong competence has a positive effect on customers.


The use of resources will be a key issue in the future. With LA FINICE® SWING CUT®, the haircut lasts much longer and the shape is maintained. This leads to more capacity to fill the schedule and enables new potential to build up a larger regular customer base. Clear communication and the common foundation within the company simplify holiday compensation, as everyone cuts using the same technique. A uniform exchange becomes possible.





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