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Lara De Donno Hairstylist La Finice Swing Cut

We create what we feel...

… and when I took the time to look closely, I could see the lightness of the

Experience hair in a new way: feminine, sensual, delicate and seductive, with a strong inner attitude and absolutely courageous.»

LA FINICE® SWING CUT® was born and grown through patience and skill, art and craftsmanship, science, humanity and charity.


LA FINICE® SWING CUT® is the result of Lara De Donno's experience, passion and attention to detail, with the aim of enhancing the beauty of every woman through harmony, elegance and quality. This unique hair cutting technique was born from inventive curiosity and the constant search for beauty, new shapes, movements and lightness, compatible with the traditional and mechanical hairdressing craft. A hair cutting technique and philosophy that represents femininity and elegance, creating a refined and soft style.

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